About Me

I am a seasoned Entrepreneur and CEO, a Software and VOIP telecommunications Engineer and Philanthropist with 17 years of Mortgage, Banking, Title, IT development, paperless workflow management, and a very experienced National Marketing Strategist.

Pioneered Industry Leading Direct to Public business Model into one of the largest privately held mortgage brokers in the nation

Created a direct to the consumer model utilizing a national advertising strategy and proprietary technology ” Closerv “ to drive over 40 billion in transactions through a Mortgage, Title, and Technology Vertical.

Holder of Multiple trademarks and such as “The Biggest No Brainer in the History of Earth”

Developed industry leading sales force telecommunications and workflow management software. System to date has managed over 19 billion dollars in real estate transactions, with over 550 purchasers of assets.

An Industry expert who has appeared on national platforms such as CNN, National Public Radio, and debated Economists such as Princeton Nobel Prize winning Economist Paul Krugman on underlying issues surrounding the Mortgage Crisis on CNN.

Recognized as a true pioneer in the Mortgage Industry who has consulted Congress and FDIC on scalable solutions to the economic crisis, TARP Plan and proper handling of distresses assets associated with the Banking bail out.

A powerful Marketer and Philanthropist who has self funded, written and produced national advertising campaigns for victims of many natural disasters Katrina, Haiti, Tsunami victims and SUDS an organization rehabilitating disabled Veterans via underwater scuba, and has cofounded 360 Football Academy specializing in leadership and education through athletics.